Horses in the Sky

I'm sitting alone in my Mickey Mouse boxers,
Remembering a time in my life so short
Just reminiscing with a foggy memory and a teary eye,
Lips quivering just a bit
Back when I was a pony,
I'd get together with my four-hooved cohorts
I remember the night of the Kentucky Derby
Drinking Kentucky Bourbon
Waking in Kentucky Jelly?
Don't know, I was pretty lit

We charged ten bucks a piece
(yeah, I know that's a lot of deer),
And folks stared at the sky as we fell
Don't know if it was talent
(could it have been the beer?),
We were skydiving horses, Pegasus'
(or Pegasai? don't know, oh well...)

As the crowds grew larger
And the cash flowed like cash that was flowing
We'd drift around in the sky of sky blue,
Tails and manes rippled like ripples that were blowing
And I thought it was cute, being a mule by nature,
I pretended not knowing
Though the breeze was great I was feeling guilty,
When the beer wore off I noticed
My ass was showing

Really not much to it, but it was quite a challenge
And some even said we were graceful
Like Grandma stumbling on a skateboard
At the top of a hill in San Francisco
Carrying four full bags of groceries

I mean, you know we had to hold our pucker
When we were floating above our adoring crowds,
But when we drifted downwind,
We'd be raining oatmeal cookies from the clouds,
And Jim hit a little too hard,
Wasn't used to this kind of feat,
But was brave in his moment of glory
We thought it was funny how he rolled as he hit,
But broke his leg...you know the rest of the story

Too bad about Jim, but it was worth it all,
As I'm growing wider at the place where I sat
I look at my leg and chuckle like chipmunks and say,
"Now let's see Mickey do that!"

March 25
Copyright 1998 Michael Paul