Birthday Kiss

Jinny or Jo Jo, which one I sure don't know,
But names are a good place to start
Little Princess, Miss Piggy, Baby Bun, or just Lizzy,
You are truly God's best work of art
You're a fiesty reprieve with a trick up your sleeve
And you never can make me feel bored
You're an angel of grace with a grin on your face,
You're a drink that makes me thirst for more

If I tried to explain how I feel about you,
I would seem to be out of my mind
To compare an emotion to a word,
Explain color to the blind
It is something you know but cannot describe,
But you know that the something is there
You can't photograph a summer's breeze,
Snap a picture of the air

But when you are facing towards me Jin,
Your raven hair softly flowing
Once again mere words fail to understand,
My vocabulary slowing
And when you smile on the ocean waves,
Or prance softly upon the shore
As I gaze I am somehow caught speechless,
Can my heart spell out "adore"?

So let me paint a gift for you,
And dip into my cup,
And pour myself inside of you,
Just like you fill me up
And when you overflow
There'll be a waterfall of you
I'll stand in the cascade to shade
My waterfall of blue

Could an artist dip his brush in your heart,
And paint my everything?
Could he pour our colors on his palette,
And stir a living dream?
Could he pour your hand in my hand,
Would you drip right through my fingers?
If I called the sun to keep you there,
Would you say that I'm a dreamer?

And splash your laugh into the wind,
A windsong you will play me
And paint my arms around your sweet
And soft and lovely lady
And leave you with a special gift,
So if you ever miss,
I'll paint my lips so warm on yours,
Forever birthday kiss

August 26
Copyright 1998 Michael Paul