How deep is the universe,
How high is the sky,
How wet is the sea,
Why should I ask why?
How much should I give to be humble,
Should I take all I feel I deserve
Would I risk being bold if I hate being cold?
To reach out is to have quite a nerve

I approach from all angles and still see the same,
But a crystal ball shows it that way
And true love is a bubble, the breath of a child,
Every drop has a drop to sustain
Where is life in the bubble, has it gone to the world?
And the love in the breeze is a splash...
And it makes me so sad to think what we once had,
Is a tear on the crystal ball glass

I try to move on but to where should I go?
As my pieces are puddled and pooled
So I wait for the freeze, so my tears will all seize
And I no longer fear being fooled
And I'll slip from the shadow of my crystal ball
Now that I can control my emotion
When a crushed piece of ice melts my watering eyes
As love breathes one last breath of devotion

September 6, 1:38am
Copyright 1998 Michael Paul