Ginger's Theme

Ginger, though you are dumb,
And can't walk and chew gum
Gin, you balance the weight on the raft
And I like drinking rum,
While you're blocking the sun
'Cause a sunburn makes a monkey quite daft

You escaped from the castaways
To put up with my nasty ways
And now 'till Hawaii it's us two
Gin, we make quite a pair,
Since I shaved off your hair
Gin I'd never throw my waste at you

So let's split a banana and make us a toast,
To a monkey and a movie star (wanna be)
As you whisper the words that make me paddle the most,
And jump like a fire-ant infested wallaby

Ginger, dumb Ginger, though I tried to kill you twice,
I think I'll keep you around to the end
And I promise as I scratch,
Gin, you make a good catch,
And just maybe I'll call you my friend

September 13, 7:34pm
Copyright 1998, Gilligan's Monkey

Monkey and Ginger