Where's Deena?

I went to church this Sunday
And Deena wasn't there
I took a shower and brushed my teeth
And even combed my hair
I asked someone,"Hey are you Deena?"
The guy said,"No, I am not,
But I am full of D.N.A."
I said,"Do you want to be shot?"

I went to where we used to sit
And sat to think a while
And then the service started up
But where was Deena's smile?
I told the guy,"You need to stand"
And he said,"I am standing"
But when I tried to lift him up
He had a painful landing

And so I sat there quietly
Fearing for my life
'Cause even Aaron stared at me
As trembling, he clutched his wife
The pastor said,"Who needs the Lord?"
And everyone pointed at me
But I said,"I just need Deena for now"
And then I said,"Where could she be?"

So they checked on, around, and beneath the chairs
For Orlando's favorite daughter
And they said,"No, we can't find Deena...
...but looky here, we found a quarter!"
Aaron said,"Maybe she overslept
Or maybe she just needs her space"
And Mark said,"Maybe she is dead"
With a most evil smirk on his face

So I thought,'Well, yeah, maybe Mark has it right
'Cause I know she waits for this all week'
But then again maybe she is afraid
I'll reach over and touch her cheek
So I went through the service and talked to myself
And had a fair time on my own
And when I was cold I complained to me
Knowing it was 'cause I was alone

September 20, 2:09pm, Copyright 1998 Michael Paul