Headless Angel of Joy

When I look at a turkey
I think of a plate,
And think of something
I wish I'd just ate
As it waddles along
I cuddle it soft,
And sprinkle with dried bread crumbs
'till I cause it to cough

It looks up at me
With those green turkey eyes,
And I look at its breasts,
...its legs, and its thighs
I say "boy you're so cute!!!
...gobble gobble gobble, gobble!!!",
In a warm gravy suit
Going "bubble, bubble bubble"

We go out on a date and my Turkey, my mate,
Knows I'm wanting her body for eats
I invite her to my place for dinner,
And maneuver her between the sheets
And I slowly undo all her dressing,
As it falls near the bed on the floor
But I keep it in case she flies off in a haste,
I can always get her back for more

When I've passionately kissed all her feathers away
And exposed to the cruel world she lies
I invite her to wait in the oven,
And say,"Sweetheart, I've got a surprise"
I tell her "I'll be right back my lovely...
Press this button to help you stay warm...
And let me close the door, there's a draft near the floor,
And you'll feel like you're wrapped in my arms"

So she puts it on high thinking I'm quite a guy,
Six hours later my dinner is served
And I think as I eat, "My friend Gloria's so sweet;
That's the last date I'll have with that bird"

October 30, 3:57 pm
Copyright 1998 Michael Paul