Lucky Felix

Felix, my friend, I feel you are my brother
So I leave with a handshake, and another, and another, and another...
I think that it's best we part on good terms
I know, you're a centipede...sorry I called you 'worm'
Though I've tried hard to kill you, every single time we've met
In cruel creative ways, for some four hundred days, yet sometimes I feel you are my pet

Remember the hairspray attack back in May,
When you coughed and ran under the fridge?
Next day your hair was styled as you ran across my tiles
And I vacuumed you at the Carpet Ridge

Then I stomped at you under the sink one night,
Have you told some of your friends that story?
Twenty legs cramped from fright, and you fell and turned white
WHAT A BELLY LAUGH I HAD!!!...oh...sorry :=(

I left all your favorite foods for you
Shreds of lettuce and Mountain Dew cans
So go party inside, ride the Mountain Dew tide
Sing and dance and clap all of your hands

As the taxi pulls up and I've hugged every arm
Here's a check, now go pay off your shoes's!!!
And you know, a mean trick, drive your next roommate sick!!!
Crawl inside his gas mask while he snoozes

October 31, 4:18 pm
Copyright 1998 Michael Paul