One Last Time

I know I should be going...guess it's time to make the move
But something keeps me standing like there's something left to prove
Your face seems strangely distant and I fail to draw you in
So let me touch your cheek and smile, and please...let me begin

I've overstayed my welcome, yes, a fault I've failed to fix
And though my mind says ‘move along’, I've never called it quits
My heart may lead my head too often, leaving me exposed
But listen to my heart for I must draw this to a close

We've been together for some time, sometimes more close than most
We've laughed, oh, how we laughed! and doubled over in the throes
At times we talked so much there was just nothing left to say
And when we seemed in our own worlds, I thought about this day

I watched you fall asleep one night and tried to find a speech
To touch the place inside of you which I could never reach
So you would think of me when you looked out across the ocean
But speaking from my head would always fall short on emotion
So softly as I slip away, just these three words I find
Before I go I want to say I love you,
One last time

November 1, 4:12 pm
Copyright ©1998 Michael Paul