Kill a couple of hours and drive down to see her when you can

And talking to her feels like flowers blooming in your hand

Run a hundred miles to find her when you're in distress

Enjoy a thousand smiles when her voice puts your mind at rest

Never forget that you knew her and she'll always call you friend

And just when you think you outgrew her you feel like a child again

Never have I seen eyes like hers, I am lost trying to follow her gaze

Never have lips spoke so sweetly, a kiss of honey flows from every phrase

Give me a million friends in this world but Karen I'll always remember

Until the day I saw I could love this girl I was only a child of December

Living apart from her for so long and remembering she was the first

Like suddenly remembering a beautiful song, I felt that my whole heart would burst

Even today I will miss her sometimes and I wish I could show her the beauty

Darling Karen has shown me by just being kind and teaching me how to love truly

God sent you dear Karen and you fill up my soul, as you have always done from the first day

Everyday since your birth heaven's closer to earth, when they met on your very first birthday

November 5, 6:00 pm
Copyright �1998 Michael Paul