Dearest Angelina

Dearest Angelina, carry me away
Darling be my Angel, in heaven we will play
Higher than forever, on your wings we'll go
Fly so high we'll never sigh at fiery hell below

Hold me in your arms so tight I'm breathless
Let your heartbeat keep my heart in time
Cradled in your soul I'm never restless
Being held so close to one so kind

With your hand in my hand, gloom can't pull us down
When I'm touching you my feet can never touch the ground
Fly me to a new land, we will raise the sun
I'll repay you with my endless adoration

Say my name and I will say I love you
Would you smile and say you loved me too?
Angelina, please don't let go of me
We don't need the world just me and you

Sparkles dim at sunrise, Feathers float away
Sunflowers welcome lovers' seeds but only for the day
Angels are forever, darling so I pray
I will find my angel in a beautiful Malay

Kiss me 'till eternity has found us
Clinging to the one that we adore
Dearest Angelina love surrounds us
Heaven's ours, we've opened up the door

November 16, 12:52am
Copyright 1998 Michael Paul