On day one sixty five, nineteen seventy three
A boy two thousand seven hundred forty one
Never knew he'd be writing about Melanie
To tell her she's a special someone
And today, though I've been here some thirty three years
I wanted to tell you, Mel, I'm glad you're here

The day I cannot forget, because when I was just a lad
I saw a world full of people who were turned against each other
And a man who was just a man, had now become a dad
And a woman, just a woman, could now be called a mother
And somewhere far away, Melanie cried her first breath
God had answered my prayer, proving He hadn't left

Of course I remembered, how could I forget?
This day is for you, you alone
Just a man and a woman, and a boy you never met
Is what I'd be writing if you'd not been born
For without you here, our lives would be colder
And each day just a little bit older

And like a drop of water in a placid pond
Nine thousand four hundred and ninety six days from that date
The lady with the soft skin, of whom I am so fond
With the stare that weighs so heavy, I must lie down to bear the weight
Bright (maybe too bright), so precious, perfect, Pearly
Has made her place in this oyster, but sent waves out to the worldly

And when life brought you here to smile with us,
To laugh with us
To love with us
The world we knew around us changed forever
For when you brought your smile to us,
your laugh to us
Your love to us
You didn't make it more crowded
You brought us closer together

December 12, 12pm
Copyright 1998 Michael Paul