Moon Goddess

The Moon Goddess thinks she is the Sun
Full of herself, hovering over center stage
But fingers of darkness close, to shroud her in veils of midnight shifting
They caress to admire, but holding her tongue
Will never know, be it senseless or sage
This heavenly body so silentiously drifting
Though her worshipers are the ebony eyed
The ominous creatures who bow to her likeness
She looks beyond for something daylight-ful, from her lofty, slender throne
Reflecting the brilliance from which earth has shied
Without her their world would be lightless
She brings a beam from dusk to dawn, but on her perch, she feels alone
Touch them all and steal the stage
Oh satelite delightful
Reach out, and tug their beaches by a shifting of your cresent smile
But in the wake of war you wage
Be it innocent or spiteful
The bronzed return to burn, a prostrate sacrificial pile
She circles and spins to catch their eye
To shake the hands that mute her
But the Sun can do that, and still the flowers open at his passing
She wants to sing,"Look up in the sky!!
Aren't I the cuter?
I want to be your friend!!", but they ignore her in their basking
She feels inside a cold rejection
"Why can't I cut away the night?
The moon is mine but leaves a darkest emptiness within me
They're only praising Your reflection!!
They love the way I bend Your light!!"
The solar supplications bring a sigh of Venus envy
On New Year's day they celebrate
A brand new suite of Sunny faces
So Cynthia, orbiting to her friend, gives a birthday kiss from lunar lips
Though born eleven days too late
She quakes to feel earth's loving praises
And cries a tidal wave of joy as they applaud her new eclipse

January 10, 9:41am
Copyright 1999 Michael Paul