Captain Billy

His saddle rolls around the room
His gun has a ball point tip
He yells "Yeee Hawww!!!" when it strikes high noon
And cracks his tongue like a whip

Billy Darnell is riding the East
And he'll break us in 'til we can't buck
With his sidekick Mike Kyle, a Dunkin' Doughnut feast,
And a sky so low he has to duck

Sun up to sun down, rounding up cattle
And looking so fondly to the west
He's the one we would choose if we went into battle
If only he'd clean off his desk

He'll hang at the bars and laugh with the guys
And yodel a song for the dames
But if trouble comes calling, Bill gets snake-eyed
And says, “DRAW!" (with his grease pencil aimed)

The rattlers are power cords; the sunset says "EXIT"
And the range is where he heats his lunch
Without the assistance of Gene, Roy and Tex it's
Captain Billy in a crunch

Living his life from the fluorescent sky
And when he is too old and too gray
On his tombstone they'll carve, “Billy Darnell - He Died"
But we'll say, “Captain Billy, D.O.A."

January 13, 9:38 pm
Copyright ©1999 Michael Paul