Full of Grace

You seem a little flustered as you sit alone
In your corner of the room
Perhaps your morning awakening was a violent event
Stirring seagulls around your face
Any sudden shock will send them buzzing around,
Too incoherent to get into step
A bit of turbulence surrounds you I see...
Should I tap my foot on the surface?

The tide has rolled in, not with a crashing sound,
Or with a sudden boom
When I peered through the trees
It looked like a comfortable resting place
So cautiously I slid my toes through the cold sand,
And to the edge of the shore I crept
The deep living world of mystery
Was drawing me in with a purpose

And you smiled at me,
And the sun was appearing to pull apart the clouds
My attention was taking me far away
To where God had born his welcoming beacon
You spoke words so softly, the water brushed my body,
Singing, "For a while, stay here"
I waded into the waves, and under the touch of you,
Morning friend

We splashed together in our own little way,
As the world around us was the pressing crowds
I tried to be strong,
But the ocean lullaby can make the hardest soul weaken
And we swam together,
Never thinking the sea was a million generations of tears
And we spoke to eachother,
While the salt from your world put a flavor in words you'd send

We bathed together, while the sun throughout the day,
Changed the mood of my paling color
Never caring that with too much warmth we'd be burned,
But thinking the Phoenix would rise
When spending time in the company of one so special as this,
Of who I am she becomes a part
Long after the water returns to the ocean,
And the low tides uncover the grains of LeMond

As I swim back to dry land, with each arm I hold her,
And every stroke I become fuller
From the shore I will watch as home to her city of lights,
My friend, Full-of-grace flies
When she moves like she did, when she was still near,
A saline stream moves from my eye to my heart
I will smile at the sunrise, when I see it reveals,
The tide rushing in like a song

July 20, 1:51 pm
Copyright 1999 Michael Paul