We ran away for just a day and climbed the highest Loft
To jump into the wind and have it carry us away
While you were wrapped around me with your auburn hair so soft
I touched your nervous lips when you had nothing left to say

The breathing air and restless land would be our tapestry
We were imaginations of two people so alone
Though high we were, we knew that us was only you and me
The palette only held enough to last 'till day was done

If only we could build a castle on this mountain peak
And towers to protect the land we cherish in our youth
And life we lived was harmony, not just the life we seek
The artist would be painting scenes in living love and truth

If only dreaming dreams together gave us the same dream
And lying on your bosom would be listening to your heart
If feeling what's inside of you was touching all your being
A kiss would stroke the canvas and begin this work of art

September 20, 7:47 pm
Copyright �1999 Michael Paul