Love Awake

In the dark of the night my heart didn't realize
Tears that flowed from your cheeks were love welled in your eyes
For the touch that sent feeling, from your heart to your fingers
Planted love in my soul, and to this day it lingers

The smile, oh so fragile, was a question to me
"You're so precious and beautiful, why can't you see?
Don't think what is to come, just be you, just be real
When my seed sees the sun then you'll know what you feel"

But I tried to be smart, and I tried to be brave
I must cover my feelings and not misbehave
I must try to avoid getting into a mess
Were my thoughts that of love too afraid to confess?

Now her touch and her smile are no longer in sight
And I look in my heart unafraid of the light
But my mind soon discovers the source of my pain
A flower lifting his head asking, “Where is the rain?"

November 18, 7:12 pm
Copyright ©1999 Michael Paul