Eleventh Hour

Eleven come before you
But no one will come thereafter
A blushing beauty hides her smile 
But can't control her laughter
Eleven hours of waiting 
In the dark of candlelight
Pure as she is always 
For an open book reads through the night
Into the starless cover of her dreams 
She takes a heart
As full as all her life could make it, 
To my song she sings a part
Moon and sky move over her 
And wonder why she is alone
Hours tick by, the lady cries 
For something she can call her own
In the east the ribbon grows 
Across a purple sash of sky
She lifts her sleepy lover's eyes, 
While restless birds in still air fly
It was the hour eleven 
From the time she made her wishes
And blew a dandelion into the wind
To touch the one she misses

November 21, 2pm,
Copyright 1999 Michael Paul