Don't look at the ground
Itís where you came from
Don't look at the sky
You'll be blind by the sun
You'll get there someday but this day we can shine
The future is bright one second at a time

Look at my smile
It's smiling for you
Look in my eyes
Today see something new
Feel my heart beating and touch my cold hand
This day is a miracle from where we both stand

Share this time with me
And smile when I smile
Share how we feel,
When we walk the next mile
Warm my cold hand and we won't need the sun
With you in my heart my long journey is done

The sky will not leave us
We'll be there tomorrow
The ground we can stand on
And water with sorrow
The present is us, we have found it at last
We are one precious moment which won't ever pass

December 3, 12:16 pm
Copyright ©1999 Michael Paul