Your hand slipped slowly from my grasp, 
Like the breeze we were sharing our last goodbye
One last look said more than we could ever say,
You stood and cried as I drove from your life
I watched in the mirror at you standing alone, 
You grew smaller and disappeared in a sigh
Through my tears, as I looked where you often sat, 
In the emptiness there was a sparkle of light

Like a star in the night without a moon, 
I spied a small earring, a prism of glass
Knocked from your ear in your clumsy retreat, 
I touched it as it had once touched you
And I held it up to look at the facets, 
To see the sun, as through the crystal it passed
The light that I saw, was the light of your smile, 
Pure as you are, in a spectrum of hues

Red was the shade of your cheeks as you blushed, 
When I told you how beautiful you were to me
And the blood that was pouring through my veins, 
Made my voice shake and tremble as I whispered your name
Orange was your hair as it fell on my chest, 
When all I could hear was your heart next to me
Above, all I saw were adoring gazes, 
As you cradled me close, I knew you felt the same

In yellow I felt you so buttery smooth 
In my hands I could spread you with leasure
And you melted around me whenever we touched, 
When I held you so close I could soak up your charms
Green were your eyes of two sleepy pearls
As I peered in your soul to your spirit of treasure
I dreamed I could see them each day as I rose, 
And each night, as I'd fallen asleep in your arms

Blue was the water which streamed from our skin 
When there was nothing between us but sweat
We had held our bodies so close, for so long, 
We wished that it would never have to end
Violet were sashes that stretched o'er the sky, 
When together we shared our last sunset
And I held your hand and kissed you at last, 
I loved you...I could not pretend

I touched to my lips, the lens of our world
And wondered how you were doing
How was life with you, were you happy?
Or still crying alone? I would think
Were you looking at me in your prism,
Being filled with the love you were viewing?
When I pressed to my bosom the memory of you
It trembled and blushed a bright pink

December 11, 3:16pm, Copyright 1999 Michael Paul