He's fat and he's fussy
His shoulders are husky
His stage name is Gussy
The tap-dancing blue whale
His flippers are flapping
His whale brothers rapping
In time to his tapping
He stirs up a gale

While other whales sing for a half hour or more
Gussy is limbering up near the shore
The ladies start swooning when Gussy gets down
They're splishing and splashing, their hearts POUND, POUND, POUND!!!

The Northern Lights lowly
The mountains...just a goalie
For waters, so holy
Oh Lourdes, how you pale!!!
His flipper-pits musty
His taps rather rusty
But you'll never stop Gussy
The tap dancing Blue Whale

Though his weight has ballooned out to two hundred tons
The ladies don't care he has awfully nice buns
Swaying as he stirs the waves with his tail
It's an awfully large piece to be seen on a whale

If he could assist 'um
To then be dismissed from
The endangered species list, ummm
Well...he's quite a male
The boy whales are jealous
The girl whales will tell us "With Guss, who needs these fellas?
He's a tap dancing whale"

If ever you go to Alaska
Be sure all of your friends will ask ya
Yeah, the glaciers are just word defying
But when you see Guss, boy, you'll be crying!!!

A tray full of plankton
They offer to thank him
Off the stage Gussy sank in
A whale make-up trail
A towel on his dorsal
A kiss on his blowhole
To rest for the next show
It's Gussy,
The tired,
Tap dancing,

December 21, 10:11 am
Copyright 1999 Michael Paul