This Day Is Done

My life has been quite the experience
I think now as it passes my eyes
So hard just to see through my clouding lens
One thing's for sure, it's a good day to die
Early morning I woke and told myself
When all things finish, have no regrets
Fondest memories are life's only wealth
But I never thought once I'd be losing the bet

I rode on a wave coming out of the sky
On a twisted path I could not be restrained
Streaks of light, pedals spinning, I thought I could fly
Give defeat my regards, and this mountain, my name!!!
But the Blue Ridge Mountains are blue today
And the soil of Virginia has been stained
The green grass drips more than dew today
But the trickle of life of which I'm slowly drained

If a brave man lives his life on borrowed time
A coward loses what little he possessed
And I think as I near the last midnight chime
Is a man but the life in which he is dressed?
Am I foolish or brave? Is my worth in my actions?
Then dress me in the wind, dress me in adventure
Dress me in the mountains and clothe me in passion
Love with reckless abandon lest my life should be censured

The hands that once grasped all that life had to give
Lying still by my side, feel your silken tresses
Every man surely dies, but not every man lives
No words needed to prove when the true heart confesses
If I die in your love I have not a regret
Though I leave unexpected, we will always be one
As God takes my hand gently past the final sunset
It's a good day to die...This day is done.

December 25, 2:00 pm
Copyright 1999 Michael Paul