Step out of my dreams...step into my Trunk


January 4, 2000

Cathy and I had our first 'real' date as boyfriend/girlfriend on January 4, 2000. After we'd had a lot of physicality back in October, I told her I wanted to back off and get to know each other better. I wanted this to work. So that meant no-motels! Motels are trouble. Although she lived in a small mobile home with her parents, we had to find a way to have privacy without motels. So we went back to the river we'd visited on December 9th.

When we first arrived, we started walking, and there was a sign there that stated,"Motor vehicles prohibited, walkers welcomed". I stopped and read that and said to Cathy,"Hmmm...that's an interesting sign. It almost sounds like a trap." Then I took one step and my leg disappeared into the ground up to my knee. I got stuck and she had to help pull me out. It was as if God heard what I said and was making fun of me. My leg just disappeared. It was actually a bunch of old trees covered in all kinds of foliage and some dirt, and you couldn't tell. I stepped between two trees and disappeared.

I brought some food for us and we sat on the dock on our towel. This time, however, the weather turned nasty. As we tried to eat, the towel was whipped by the wind and the temperture dropped. So I told Cathy we could sit in my trunk. She said no way, but after the wind got stronger she said okay. And so there we were sitting in my opened trunk, with a picnic towel lying in the bed of the trunk.

Then the rain hit, and we pulled the lid down to protect ourselves. I pushed the back seats down, closed the trunk lid, and soon we were lying down in the trunk of my Honda Accord. Cathy told me when we were together she always ended up doing something weird. I was amazed at how much attention to detail there was on the underside of the trunk lid. Honda really did their homework.

There was a lot of fire between us. I never knew she or I had been holding so much back. We stayed there for hours just having a good time and watching the windows fog up from breathing. And so here is where we had our first date.

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