New Yorkie! New Yorkie!


September 14, 2002

I told myself if Seko and I ever broke up the first thing I'd do is run out and get a Yorkshire Terrier just like Kai. So I did. After hanging out at the SPCA for two weeks, wringing my hands, obsessed with this and not finding one I broke down and went to a breeder and paid $450 for this little fella. Originally I named him 'Hair' but try calling to a dog named Hair! It doesn't work! So after four days and asking friends I noticed he looked like the Magwai from the movie "Gremlins" and so I wanted to name him Magwai. Then my neighbor Heather said,"How about Gizmo?" I liked it. It was perfect! At the time I thought it was very original...I've since found different!

Instead of feeling good about having a dog I felt like a single parent. I kept telling Gizmo that 'Mommy ran away because she didn't like Daddy anymore' referring to Seko. I felt it should have been us raising this little character. This led to many emotional outbursts and Gizmo whimpered and needed a lot of attention which really got on my nerves. I was in a horrible mood for months and didn't treat him too well at first. I missed Seko terribly. I thought about her all the time. I was so hurt and felt so abandoned.

Our last phone conversation was September 28th. I phoned her again. I didn't acuse her of anything and we both intentionally made it pleasant. It was nice. I didn't ask her about boyfriends. She mailed me a leash and a printout on dogs to help me but never mentioned or implied she wanted to get together. I was devastated. How could I ever trust anyone again? How could I go on knowing she was just an hour down the road? We were a team...we were family.

Gizmo's first video, September 15, 2002
Welcome to Wendy's, may I take your order?>>>
Football>>> Gizmo in SPACE!!!>>> Gizmo vs. Hand, round one>>>