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June 14, 2003

And then, on June 14th at 12noon, Angie was gone (momment of silence). I checked out of the Park Plaza Hotel, our beautiful room, and stepped into the real world once again. I walked around for hours feeling lost, shooting these pictures in the park surrounding the Petronas, and running to Angie's former school using the pictures saved on my digital camera as a map to the location while I waited to leave for my flight. This picture is the Petronas from behind a waterfall...
Petronas, fish-eye view>>> Saying goodbye to my friends>>>
...and some strange kids wanted me to shoot their photo from behind the waterfall too...I guess they were wondering what a fully-clothed horsey was doing standing in a waterfall?
Hey's a sea horse>>>
Malaysia is a Muslim country and many of the women wear beautiful Muslim garb...I sneaked many photos of them from afar:
Angie's school
Angie's school>>> Angie's school>>>
Kuala Lumpur was a very clean (it made NYC look like a dump), uncrowded, huge city with some of the best food you'll ever eat, the nicest people, and cheapest prices. It was great. And then I flew back. I flew straight over Iran that night and saw the moon over the Persian Golf, photographed from the window of my airliner at 25,000 feet...

KL Tower from Angie's school>>>
Moon over Persian Gulf>>>