look...I bought a new candle holder>>>

January 13, 1986

(back from vacation...home sick)
Learning to Fly?
Here I am holding what will soon be my new set of wings...the Klein bicycle frame that would soon be my new Klein bicycle. I kept the aerodynamic waterbottle from my old beat-up Schwinn. Of course, I bought all the parts separately and put them together with the help of my good friend Lieutenant Bill Keller. My old bicycle which had taken me on countless adventures was rusted beyond repair. Actually, it could have been repaired, but even in mint condition, that old bicycle was just a heavy, delicate boy's bike. I was learning to fly, and this was my new set of wings. But to fly, you first have to take both feet out of the nest. I still had one foot in, waiting for a breeze to lift my wings...

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