Hi, I'm Mr. Horsey>>> Dad wanted a picture of his kid in his spiffy uniform, with his car.
I'd just returned from a little trip with Robert and Darrel(brother). We went for a cruise around town and just kept on going, ending up in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, 185+ miles away. Having only the shirts on our backs, no credit cards or checks, we pooled our money, found a cheap motel, and then went out to see Star Trek IV. I phoned home and told my parents we had to stay overnight because my rear window defroster had stopped working and needed to be fixed (the car didn't have one but they didn't know that). We returned the next day, penniless. As we drove down Fulton Ave. in Evansville, Robert found a few pennies on the floor and tossed them out the window. We had fun.
January 1, 1987

Car Trek-The Journey Home
Captain, I'm not wearing any pants>>>

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