Karen had taken a month vacation in Georgia on her way to Japan. About 3 1/2 weeks after she left I called her at her parents' house. We talked for hours, and she told me she was flying out of St. Louis on April 21, 1987 and that I should call her again before she left.
After the call I started thinking again...and thinking...and suddenly a crazy idea came to me. Why couldn't I take leave on the day she flew out, drive the 400 miles to the St. Louis airport, surprise her, see her off, and drive 400 miles back? I would get her to tell me which flight she was taking out and what her take-off time was. Well, I called her the next week but she was packing and I never got to talk to her. Humphrey was packed, gassed up and ready to go, but I just never had my instructions. I was very distraught again...So, for the first time in my life, I sent flowers.
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May 5, 1987

Mommy(57) and Daddy(56), after 25 years of blissful marriage (behind the huge flowers...the old people). I believe it's the first time Dad ever sent flowers. I'm also wondering how much coaxing my brother gave my dad to take this picture. Cute couple though...it's no wonder they had such a cute kid, and two leftovers.
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