July 1987
welcome to Humphrey, may we take your order?>>>Well, my taste in glasses wasn't so hot.
The Monkees returned to Omaha in July, and Weird Al Yankovic opened for them. Unfortunately I was surrounded by annoying kids who only knew Weird Al's songs that were played on the radio--he's a very good writer but most only know his parodies. All I heard was, "Do LIKE A SURGEON! Do EAT IT!" And then the Monkees came (sounds like the name of a horror film). The next day I drove to Indiana, again.

Darrel, Robert and I loved our little trip to Cape Girardeau so much, we did Memphis, Tennessee on this visit home. I drove, Robert navigated, and Darrel, in the back seat, was entertainment (camera and tapes). He often made concept tapes, with songs that followed a theme. For Memphis, the theme was road songs. Most were lousy songs, even if they were all about the road. So I asked him why he didn't make a "good music" concept tape. He grumbled.

Memphis was scary--it was Saturday evening, the town was desserted, creepy, not very reassuring, and

Jello...hehehe...Jello..>>> there were bars on most windows (it hadn't changed when I drove through in 1997). We accidentally drove to Arkansas twice.
At the motel, Robert and I went out for some rest and relaxation in the swimming pool, but Darrel stayed in the room watching Howard the Duck on TV and wouldn't join us. The pool was sooo nice!

We phoned Darrel from poolside but he said,"This is a good movie, I'll miss it!" Bewildered, we came back during the ending when they were playing the theme song which goes something like, "Howard, the Duck"...repeat 10,000 times. Robert never let Darrel forget that, and would sometimes look at me with an evil grin and sing "Howard the Duck" to make fun of Darrel. Years later, when Mimi (wife) and I adopted Lunch and Moo, our darling cats, we referred to them as "Lunch-The Cat" and "Moo-The Cat".

Graceland was okay, just okay. Nothing extraordinary and it seemed liked we'd driven an awfully long way for not much return. We had
fun but the common phrase heard throughout the Memphis trip was, "We're not coming back here again".<<<previous<<<free as a bird