Get off me man...I'm not that kind of a car>>>
January 7, 1988

Karen wrote me and said she'd like to hear a tape of me "talking sh-t". I didn't know what to when I went back to Indiana, Darrel and I made our second "concept" night when I'd had a few wine coolers, I sat down with a piece of paper and wrote the first thing that came to my mind...just random thoughts. It ended up being a story of a planet of frogs, and a small group led by the "MikRons" traveling through space in search of earth. It was a really weird tape.

I was selling Humphrey to Darrel, and here we are at the Evansville Department of Motor Vehicles, transfering the title. I couldn't take him (the car, not Darrel) to Japan, so as luck would have it, Darrel's car had a massive break down (hehehe) a few weeks earlier, and I off-loaded Humphrey onto him for a cool 4000 smackers. The hardest thing about going to Japan was leaving my beloved car, Humphrey. I guess you
never forget your first. Darrel totalled him twice; 1991 and again in 1995
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Hey!!! Did you hear what I said? Get the $#% off my roof!!!>>>
Wait...uh...where did you go? I can't see you!!! Get off!!!>>>