December 4, 1988
Just a cute picture of Miimii two days before her 21st birthday, with appropriate identity concealing attire added for privacy purposes. We'd been seeing each other for six months and after all that time, I learned a lot about myself. I'd never had a steady girlfriend before, and I'd always thought I did the running and cycling and now, racing, to attract women. After I met Miimii, I still wanted to continue the cycling and running. It had become an entity all its own. I often spent time with Miimii and wished I could be out on the bicycle. I discovered that life isn't just who you're with, but who you are when you are with that person. I wanted to race...and then, just maybe, have a girlfriend.

Miimii had been selected for a nationally televised game show on her birthday. On December 6th, she was on stage with about 70 other contestants who had a birthday on the same day. They played scissors/paper/rock in groups of three, and the winner of each group competed with each

other until it was narrowed down to a winner.

J.T. had a VCR so he recorded it, and I took an extended lunch with Paul Foster to see it. We were all watching her that day. She was wearing a special pink corduroy shirt that she and I used to trade off wearing.

It was easy to see her, buried in the crowd wearing that shirt. The television personality (the guy with the microphone), aparently some very famous Japanese star (the Bob Barker of Japan I guess) talked to a few people in the audience before it started. To my surprise, he walked right up to Miimii and talked to her!
I don't know what they were saying (it was in Japanese) but Miimii slapped him in the face and the crowd lost it. It was hilarious! And we have it all on tape too. She didn't win...she was eliminated in the second round.

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***Miss Paul has requested that her face
not be shown to protect her identity***

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Miimii slapping host