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December 10, 1988:
Above is a photo of the final few hundred yards up to the toll booth at Okutama (those three riders are ME). It was a favorite place for us to sprint to the "finish line", a 10% grade at the end of a long climb. We'd race to the toll booth, then regroup. Japanese cyclists were there too, lighting cigarettes when they finished the climb. We'd chat with them as well as we could.
Descending Okutama above toll booth
Lower part of Okutama climb
Two videos are the top (left) and lower sections (right) of the descent from the summit just above the toll booth. On the left video, there's a switchback which always made me lean real hard--it seemed to never end, and as I rounded the downhill corner, I'd pick up speed. The second video starts at the toll booth (same as the top photo) and snakes down towards Fussa. This route was 70 miles if you did the entire loop, 49 if you rode to the toll booth and came back the way you came, always with breath-taking scenery. Joe Zamora took the top photos of me. When we rode together we wore our Volvo team jerseys.

December 12,1988:
These are pictures J.T. (Miimii and I called him "Buffalo")snapped on my 23rd birthday for my mother, about two seconds before my actual time of birth. I phoned J.T. and asked if he wouldn't mind going on a nice long ride with me and taking a few pictures so my mother would see some pictures of me riding on my birthday. You can see my winter clothing rolled up and tucked into my jersey(it was a bit nippy).
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