January 1989
Oh look who just landed on my head>>>
No Dad, you can't have the toy, and stop pointing>>>
***Miss Paul requested her face be hidden to protect her identity***

(Top)Miimii (the one with the tongue) and best friend Noriko in San Francisco on a vacation to the west coast of the United States. Miimii has seen more of California than I have!!!

In the meantime, I was wrapping up my extended stay in the U.S. and here we see my dad pointing to things in the airport and me, looking extremely interested.
I flew out of Evansville, Indiana, to San Francisco, took a bus to Travis AFB, California, caught a military hop to Hawaii where I was entranced by the beauty of this place. I'd never been there before, or even cared to go, but after I saw it once, I was determined to return. I ran into a Colonel I worked with in Japan, so we stayed in his house overnight.

Next day we caught a hop to Guam, stayed a few hours, caught another to Okinawa...he caught a flight out but I got stuck there for 2 1/2 days. Then I caught another hop to
Korea, stayed for a few hours, and then, finally, on January 14, seven days later, I arrived back at Yokota Airbase, Japan.
<<<free as a bird