Another lousy year had gone by, another birthday (below), another cake, another set of candles, another spanking, more party hats, dancing bears, clowns...ho my friend Paul took this photo of me for mother. Just me in the jersey I designed, bicycle I rode in Okinawa, the room I'd spent almost two years in...I'd be gone soon.

During Christmas 1989 I rented a white Honda Civic to drive around Fussa. Miimii and I drove up to the Okutama overlook where I had done many bicycle rides with my friends.The photo at the bottom of the page is more clowns>>>
- December 12, 1989
January 1, 1990 -

from the saddle ridge at the top of the climb and to the left you can clearly see the road coming off the moutain, the bridge across the water, and the road running along the water (lots of cool downhill tunnels).This was our world.

On New Years, 1990, Miimii sneaked me into the apartment she shared with her father and sister in Shinagawa, a district of Tokyo (below).

This apartment smells like Horse>>>
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The land of our youth is often veiled in long goodbyes>>>