1990: The New World
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I returned to the United States and my new life in Spokane, Washington, without Mimi. On January 29th I purchased a brand-new Honda Civic Si, 2291 pounds (don't ever ask a car how much he weighs), 108 horsepower, and a blast to drive. He also had a nice butt as you can see. I affectionately named Simon. He was wonderful. He was my dream.
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Then I drove Simon up nearby Mt. Spokane, just on the border of Idaho. It was 5,877 feet high with a ski station near the summit. I loved the mountains...and cows with high heels and garter belts...
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...and then, on March 29th, I drove to Seattle for the first time. Paul McCartney was playing there. It was my first time ever, and the worst concert I'd ever seen. Can't really blame Paul...I was in the Seattle Kingdome and I was in the back row, about 300-400 feet from the stage. He was playing for about half a minute before I realized he was on stage. And his voice was cracked from note one. Still, knowing I was within 400 feet of Paul McCartney made it all worth while. If only I'd have a telephoto lens. None of the photos came out.