April 23, 1990
Mikey, Miimii
Someone needs a good shearing>>>

***Miss Paul has requested that her face not be shown here to protect her identity***

April, 1990: Boy how time flies. I'd been at Fairchild (the base in Spokane, Washington) for four months and Miimii came to visit me. The top photo was taken in Montana.

We drove 2200 miles to Evansville, Indiana so she could meet my family, see my new car, and see the United States. My brother had bought me shaving cream for Christmas and was just giving it to me. We were never good with presents in my family. My father had been operated on in his first bout with Colon Cancer in January. He hadn't responded well to the Chemotherapy, and was in the hospital all during our visit. We saw him daily in the hospital. It was a very tiring vacation.

Shaving cream, bunny rabbits, and sunglasses, oh my!!! Shaving cream, bunny rabbits, sunglasses, oh my!!!>>>

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