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***Miss Paul has requested that her face not be shown here to protect her identity***
May 3,1990: Love Triangle?

Thomas Curtis Crayer, born December 11, 1965...We were born eight hours apart in the same hospital and were best friends since 1973, but we'd known each other all our lives. We were inseparable all thru gradeschool and high school. This was the first time he'd met Miimii (we referred to her as Fred).

Interesting that when I mailed these pictures to him his mother asked,"And what kind of interesting Japanese dress is that she's wearing". Actually, Miimii was cold and grabbed a quilt off the bed to wrap around herself. It's the same quilt I use now. And that little gold car sitting behind Miimii?...why, it's Humphrey!!! He's still alive.

I'm the one in the cow shirt.

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