December 21,1990: Miimii, Mikey, Many Money, Mickey Mouse and Marriage
I flew 4000 miles to marry a horse>>>
***Miss Paul requests her face not be shown to protect her identity***

Miimii arrived at Spokane International Airport on December 21, looking like a little doll. We were to be married. She brought $7000 in cash, so while we were waiting to deposit the dough, we got a few pictures of ourselves covered in $100 bills.
We lived in a one bedroom loft apartment in Airway Heights, Washington. Although we'd been together for 2 1/2 years it was strange... uncomfortable. Somehow I felt the little magic,the adventure in my life might be over. I was finally going to be pinned down by a woman. I was nervous about the whole thing but I thought we belonged together. I remember the first time we went to the grocery store together, before we even got our marriage license, I didn't know what food to buy so I bought what my mother used to make. Miimii got upset about it and quietly told me the marriage was a mistake and she should go back to Japan. I talked her out of it. I kinda suspected it then but now I know... she was freakin'
impossible! Miimii was the end of the age of innocence. She made me feel old. I should have given her a ticket and said,"Bye!" But I didn't...stupid! stupid! stupid! <<<free as a bird<<<previous

We might not have much, but PRAISE GOD!!! We have money coming out of our noses>>>