Our first born...
Lunch...aka Lunchster, the Nose, the White One, Lunch the Cat, Lunch "Tea" Cat, L.T.C., Powder, Dr. Fantasy, Cool Whip, Walking Death, Hangover.
We went to the SPCA looking for pussy and we found Lunch instead. She was very very shy at first but Miimii loved her bright white fur and big blue eyes, so we decided to adopt her. But first we had to get her out of the little cat house she was in. We pulled and pulled and then picked it up, turned it upside down, and pounded on the bottom (sounds a little like child birth). When we picked it up, sitting behind it was ANOTHER bright white cat with blue eye. It was very confusing, but this one had a pink eye also. I know...exciting story.

From the start, we decided to name her Lunch. It was the only meal with one syllable. She learned her name by that night. Very intelligent kitty. She laughed a lot and loved life. She also had good taste in music...she liked to listen to "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band".

January 15, 1991

Hehehe...hey guys look!!! I'm Dracula!!! Hehehe...*burp*...how 'bout another beer?>>>
She was also a great kisser.