Sometimes the face we show the world is not what is true, but what we wish to be true>>>
***Miss Paul has requested that her face not be shown***

We drove to Seattle for two days. It was cool. I called it our honeymoon because it was our first overnighter after the marriage. Then I took this nice picture of Miimii (aka Sheep, Sheep from Hell, Truckdriver, Truckdriver Sheep from Hell, Heep from Shell, Heep, Tobey, Mrs. Potato-head, Jose', Hosey, Hosimoto, and a strange noise that resembles a chainsaw (can't spell it))when we got back...not much of a story here. But it was the only honeymoon we'd ever had. Her real name is actually Akori. And we wonder why our friends were confused.

February 2, 1991

Some express themselves in the faces they create>>>