June 1992...Our babies.
Moo and Lunch on smell patrol>>>
June 25, 1992

Not much had happened in early 1992.
I ran a few races...and got sick. It was a big problem. During Bloomsday my splits were dead-even with the 1991 splits until I had to hit the porta-potty...same with the Snake River Canyon Half-Marathon. I had a colonoscopy done at the base hospital to find the cause of my sickness. I had a small ulcer. I was prescribed medication and it never came back.
Don't take any naked pictures of me okay?>>> The Ritzville Biathlon in June, was my first biathlon since 1988. I was a medicre 24th of 260 competitors.
Some guy named Michael McCoy from Fairchild kept killing me on base. He won the Pride Run in 1990 and 1991, and I was 4th, three years in a row. In 1992, after a fast start, I got side stitches and had to walk for a long time, dropping me from my second place to..you guessed it...FOURTH! I rode stage race in Lewiston, Idaho called the Twin Rivers Cycling Classic and did badly there too. However, I did a stellar performance on the climb up
Lewiston hill. It was hot that day and the climb was not shadded at all. People were stopping and trying to cool off in the heat but I was flying!
Miimii got a lousy job cleaning motel rooms. It was her idea...but once she started, I had to push her hard to keep doing it. She was a model worker--the best. She always was. She just needed a little encouragement at first. I was so proud.
June 25, 1992 was my mother's 63rd birthday! (I bought her a mop)
For the third time Miimii and I drove 2200 miles from Spokane, Washington to Indiana. My sister would be getting married on June 27.
Mopping the dirt up from the back yard>>>