E-Ville Lurks Below
  June 26, 1992

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E-Ville lurks down below>>> But your pilot can fly you above it>>> Stay clear of the fire 'cause although it will burn you, you can be sure you'll love it>>>
Life can be scary if you live it with gutts...>>>
If you're happy ALL the time that just means you've gone nuts>>> These are some photos of Evansville Dress Regional Airport on the top of page and below that, Uncle Lawrence (gray hair) in his natural habitat, the airplane. My cousin David Paul was an instructor pilot and through him, Lawrence made many contacts with pilots.

We all looked so happy...it's hard to believe Miimii threatened to divorce me over this! She used the 'D' word a lot. It created deep wounds in our relationship for the entire time we were married.

Bottom photo, after the controversial overfly of Evansville...Mommy, Daddy,and Mr. and Mrs. Horsey at the airport (Uncle Lawrence shot these). Aren't they cute? awww...
***Miss Paul asks that her face not be shown to protect her identity***