Ice Not Feeling Too Good

This is one of the funnier things that came out of the WINTER OF HELL!!! That is, if you don't count the time we hit a patch of ice and did a 360 in the middle of the road at 30 miles an hour. The weather had warmed, and the three feet of snow had melted to slush, which was real dandy. The base decided to run their snow plows through base housing that night (at midnight!). Me, tired from all the overhand shovelling, decided to leave the slush on my driveway just this once...I mean, what harm could a pile of slush be? That night, the slush froze, and I had 6 inches of solid ice on my driveway. The part next to the road had a ridge of ice well over a foot tall.
The next morning, I backed out of the driveway, got enough speed to clear the edge, but...this foot-high ridge caught the middle of the car and left me balanced precariously on a ridge of ice. As you can see, the wheels weren't even touching the ground (front or back). It was amusing to put it in gear, get out of the car and watch the front wheels spin in the air...hehehe...I shot some photos before I called my friend Pernel for a ride. I suppose this is the automobile version of being stuck on your back and unable to turn yourself over, not that it's ever happened to me. Or maybe an ice-wedgy.

I phoned the base police, who were idiots. I'd grown to dislike and mistrust our base law enforcement, and this episode only added to that. I told them my car was halfway into the road, and I needed help moving it. They said,"You'll have to move it". I said,"I know but I'm telling you this because at the moment, I am unable to, and can you give me some assistance or advise me in this situation?" They replied,"You have to move the car" (were they listening the first time?). I asked,"Okay, then tell None of the wheels are touching ground." They had no answer...but they insisted it be moved, be moved, be moved, like a recording--stick a doughnut in and watch it go. Once I relayed my experience to my wonderful co-workers, they put together a few strong guys, and paraded over to my house to 'turn the bug over'. Miimii stood next to the car, proud, smiling. Apparently when the sun came out, the ice began to melt, and a nice neighbor went at it with an ice pick until the wheels touched. I guess the lesson in this is that people in the military really take care of each other.

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  Mar 1993

It was a frustrating winter, so I tried my hand at some drawing.