I re-enlisted for six more years. Here's a photo shot from a video. That's my senior Intelligence officer and friend, Howard Abel in the jacket, swearing me in. He was a cyclist and runner, and so we had a 'special' relationship. We biked Mt. Spokane together twice in 1992 and some Saturday morning rides. Howard saved me in late 1992 when I failed my first Air Force bicycle fitness test. I'd beaten him so badly on Mt. Spokane(I was the only one in the group to make the summit). He scored very well on the fitness test, so when I failed, he phoned them and said,"You're crazy! Retest him!" It's good to have powerful friends. We'd been stationed together in Japan from 1989-90 and he remembered me when he arrived at Fairchild in April 1992.
Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Abel!  Oopsss...wrong script>>>
June 1993

I couldn't recall who he was until Captain Denend said his name was Howard. Miimii and I used to say if Howard married our cat Lunch, her name would be Lunchabel. But the Air Force frowns on inter-species marriages so he adored her from afar. He's here at Langley (as I write this) somewhere...he won't return my emails.

Shortly thereafter, I deployed to Roswell, New Mexico for two-weeks in the desert, and the most austere conditions I'd ever deployed to, stateside or otherwise. I wore my dog tags when I went running to scare away the rattlesnakes. Allegedly the famed hangar 51 was on this base, and if I'd brought a camera I would have photographed it. Rumor was that the U.S. government had an alien spaceship in that hangar which crashed there in the late 40's. Hey wait a minute...Howard was born in the late 40's, and he was very guarded about his past! And why didn't he deploy to New Mexico with us?

Photos to the right: Top photo is the little room in the abandoned airport where we planned bomber missions for the exercise (I'm the goofy one in glasses). That's Matt in the black t-shirt, who was a witness at my wedding. Below that is a flyover of a B-52 during the exercise.
Next photo is a close-up of a B-52 Stratofortress tire. This tire blew during a landing with such a thud, we all ran out of our offices thinking a bomber had crashed.
Next photo is a shot of a B-52 flying over the runway. In case you haven't noticed...these were shot from a video...we were advised not to bring cameras because of theft.

During this time Miimii had insomnia so bad she was on sleeping pills, despite the fact that this could cause her asthma medicine to be ineffective. She could die from an asthma attack...but she wouldn't seek help. Kyomi (whore Catholic) made fun of Miimii's problem of having children. I was so tired of hell I only called home once to see if Miimii was alive. She was.

You have to lead the ant, he's too fast!>>>Okay, hold still!  I can't shoot you while you're moving!>>>
Firestone>>>The male B-52 dances around the female as she submits to his copulation>>>