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December 20, 1996

So I took a bus tour! Half the office came with me. We went to Mersin, saw the Castle by the Sea (Kiskalesi), the Castle in the Sea (they have a castle in the Mediterranean sea) at Silifke and here we are on the shore by Kiskalesi. Turkey was a gold mine of early Christian relics and churches. In the first century A.D. this is where the Christian church was developing.
The Brady Bunch>>>
L-R (front row):

- Cainaz Vakharia, 22 year-old Army officer. She was friends with Bob Kowolchuk and a runner, so she and I became friends right away. Born in India, she was a Christian (which was what I was interested in). In my first race, she won the women's race so we each took photos of each other. She was stationed at Molesworth Airbase, England (we were all deployed from different bases).
- Paul Knabenshe, a Captain. Nice guyy...very few jerks in Turkey, except the Turkish General. Paul's name took a while to figure out. Can't remember where he was from.
- Melissa Jacobs, a Senior Airman fromm either Misawa Airbase, Japan, or Kelly AFB, Texas?

(rear row)

- Me, Langley AFB, Virginia, just 31 ((I used my timer to shoot this)
- Michelle Burk, Kelly AFB, Texas...arrrived in Turkey two weeks before me.
- Becky Nowalk, Senior Airman (now a SStaff Sergeant...I have to say something nice about her because I'll probably send this to her). She was from Kelly AFB too. The greatest lady that ever lived!

Kiskalesi...no, this is not a boat...it's a castle>>>

Where did we go?>>>