Tarsus, Turkey
Paul's Well that ends well

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December 20, 1996

Tarsus, Turkey>>>
St. Paul's well, Tarsus, Turkey>>> Our last stop that day was Tarsus, home of the Apostle Paul. This well is the one from which Paul drank almost 2000 years ago. Once, when the Romans were looking for him, he had himself lowered into this well to hide. Did anyone let Paul out yet??? What's that smell?
Well, he was let out--just trying to scare you. We all drank the water from "Paul's" well. It tasted like water and Paul. He stayed in a house near the well, we just don't know which one. Two-thousand years can make things hard to remember. Considering he went to Rome and never came back, I looked for a foreclosure sign written in Latin.
I'd been praying that my father would appear and tell me he was okay in heaven. I thought perhaps God would show him to me at Paul's well. It didn't happen but still...

Then, we all visited a mosque...Cainaz borrowed my sweat shirt to cover her hair. Ladies can't display their hair in a mosque. I was happy to oblige. She had such pretty hair.

The story of St. Paul of Tarsus>>>