Total Eclipse of a Horse

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May 4, 1997

Miimii had wanted a computer for some time, so in April we bought one. I'd always loved libraries and now I had one in my dining room.

Things were cold between us since Turkey...little things between us were not right. I had taken many days in Turkey to buy nice jewelry for Miimii but I was also grateful to my boss, Michael Geary, for helping while I was gone. He asked if I could get a puzzle ring for his I obliged. About a week after my return we visited the Geary's and after that Miimii grudgingly said,"I liked her ring better than mine". I had painstakingly picked out the best for Miimii while in Turkey. She didn't care...she liked Mrs. Geary's ring. Weeks later she changed her mind.

The Friday after I returned, when I bragged about how wonderful my office was to take care of her during her hospitalization with asthma, she swore she didn't need anyone to take care of her and then she began screaming at me to prove the point. I had enough screaming so I politely said,"I'm going to bed" and went to sleep at 8pm on a Friday. I just didn't like screaming. So, we invited Mommy to come visit us for a week. It had been almost a year since Daddy died and Mommy was very, very lonely.
One Saturday while Mommy was visiting, I was determined to go riding on the Colonial Parkway up to Williamsburg, Virginia. The dark clouds wouldn't go away so I just went bravely, stupidly, into the raging storm.

I got 25 miles out, and it was as if God had opened the floodgates of hell...rain was so heavy I could hardly wheels disappeared into the water. I pushed the pace as hard as I could to get back, or at least ride through the rain, as quickly as possible. Then the lightning was hitting closer and closer and I knew I was in trouble. My rain jacket practically melted under the rain (I had the foresight to pack one).

Eventually, I found this cobblestone overpass on the Parkway, curled up on a tiny concrete incline in the fetal position, and waited out the lightning, slipping and clawing to stay out of the road. womb>>>
I was 31 years old, married, in a prestigious line of work, and here I was completely soaked, shivering, wearing paper thin clothing, clinging to a bridge with one hand and to my bicycle with the other, trying to avoid being hit by lightning and cars, desperately trying to get back to Mommy. I thought to myself,"Am I grown up yet?" You never escape the feeling that, even though you've been living on your own for 12 years, maybe you haven't quite figured it out yet.
When the lightning died I rang myself out, went back out in the rain, and then my tire went flat. I sat in a grassy field, deer all around (giggling too), managed to change my tire in the rain, then more than four hours after I left, and 55 miles later, I made it home. Mommy was very worried, but Miimii said,"If he dies I'll just marry a rich, old man". How prophetic.

Photo above courtesy of U.S. Department of Transportation
Mike?  What are you looking at?  Is my hair messed up?  Are you going to have that thing removed from Moo?>>> Miimii's co-worker Mrs. White's husband was dying of cancer. She suggested Mom and I visit them since Miimii was working and we were trying to find activities to keep busy.
So we drove to the Whites' house and for three hours I spoke with Mr. White. He'd worked in the Newport News shipyard all his life, so he brought out many posters and photos. He was weak from cancer but I could see he really enjoyed himself.
Mom talked to the women. Mr. White's sister was visiting and as my mother found out they were from our hometown, Evansville, Indiana. On further questioning my mother found that Mr. White's sister was best friends with Florence Fetcher, my mother's cousin! What are the chances? Mom is a genealogical bloodhound.
She's quite a character and she doesn't know it. Miimii and I tried to keep a straight face around her out of respect for the elderly, but, as you can see (in the Washington monument)...we were slipping.

***Miss Akori Paul has asked that her face not be shown to protect her identity***

Moo discovers a large tumor growing from her abdomen named Miimii...she licks it>>> Bill's>>>