Morning of my Life

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August 30, 1997

San Angelo was a godsend. I got away from the evil wife, was able to focus on school, and the roads were incredible compared to the crappy roads in Hampton Roads (gag). Due to the wonderful roads in Texas, I was easily riding over 200 miles a week while going to school and studying.

Guess who was right there in San Angelo? It was my good friend of 12-years, Bill Keller!. He was the man who invited me into the wonderful world of cycling back in 1985. I invited myself over and met his wife for the first time.
I was near Mexico, so, rather than go alone, I invited Miimii (evil wife) to fly out and join me in a trek to Mexico. She'd always wanted to go, so she thought it was a snazzy idea.

On the morning of August 30, 1997, I left before the dawn to get in a memorable 47-mile ride before she flew in. I forgot to wear a helmet (because it was dark when I left) and cool morning air was in my hair, the milky sky had a dark purple hue with dark red and orange tints, and a beautiful song kept singing in my head--"The Morning of My Life". It was so beautiful, that whole ride, prophetic, I hope. In the churning clouds was doom, stirring around me, and preparing to reach down with its red, blood stained claws, and tear me apart. The kill was about to be made, or at least a good thumping.

I admit I missed Miimii. Her pictures were all over my room. When she arrived, she was beautiful, and had a strange smell of vanilla which was very attractive. I wear cologne now that reminds me of that smell. I felt somewhat energized about US--perhaps if we spent quiet time away from everything, we could make this marriage work. I was very lonely and could've easily had an affair in Texas, but I stayed totally faithful...although at this point in the marriage, it was getting very hard.

Miimii was too tired to go to Mexico, so we ended up napping in my room (deja vu), and then we went out with Bill and Deborah. We returned late that night and when I turned on the television I was engulfed in an unfolding news story. Diana, Dutchess of York had been in a horrible traffic accident in the Pont de L'Alma tunnel in Paris .. I was glued to live television while Miimii was uninterested.

Then she died. For the rest of Miimii's visit I was very quiet, in a mild shock. It felt like there was a little less hope in the world without Diana. When Miimii left the next day, I drove to the edge of the runway and waited 25 minutes, standing next to my car, I watched her buzz over my head, and into the sky

...and I said goodbye to my wife.

The morning dew drips the tears of yesterday...growing the dreams of tomorrow>>>
Bill and Deborah Keller
San Angelo, Texas,
August 30, 1997