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January 1, 2000

Once I began talking to Cathy again it was clearly a different situation. I was more calm and she and I seemed closer and my emotions were in check. Andy had been ignoring her for some time, emailing two or three times a week. On the contrary, Cathy and I had exchanged some 1200 emails and more phone calls since my return from Indiana in November, despite the fact I didn't talk to her for eleven days.

New Year 2000 had special significance for both of us. Angie and I had once agreed to meet in New York City but she fell in love with an Italian named Giani, so that never happened. I was happy for her.
I had tried to convince Cathy to let me visit her and go to a public place together to ring in the New Year, but she knew her situation with Andy was tedious and didn't want to jeopardize it. So I told her I was going out in Yorktown, by myself. I didn't want to be alone for this New Year. I was going to hug somebody, anybody at midnight.

On December 31, I went out, visited my two favorite bars (I rarely went to a bar but knew some places Miimii used to take me to) and they were closed! Closed? On the biggest New Year celebration of our lifetime? I was shocked. I visited another bar and it was so crowded I couldn't fit in. Then I drove up to the Yorktown Pub on the York River, by the Coleman Bridge. It was on the beach I'd visited all summer and next to the hills I trained on with my bicycle. I loved this area. I went inside and once again, it was packed. It was 11:40pm, so I walked outside to catch my breath. Then I looked at the water reflecting the lights of the Coleman Bridge, the fog gently carressing the span, and the moon barely visible on the still water. It was a picture. When I'm in love, beautiful things remind me of the object of my affections, and I thought of Cathy. I thought to myself,"I could go in and perhaps hug a stranger, but what if Andy doesn't show up for New Years? What if Cathy is alone? If I go home to find her, years from now I'll be able to say I rang in the new century with someone I loved". My place was with her.
I ran to my car and drove back to my apartment as quickly as possible, and at 11:55pm I started my computer and there she was. I asked her if Andy (he lived in Boston) had shown up to wish her a New Year. She said no.

I phoned her and with the flush of my toilet, the 20th century was no more--and Cathy and I were together. I laid in my bed with my large window open and she laid in hers 160 miles away, looking out her window, and with candles burning we talked for three hours watching the same stars in the same sky.

The next day I took a poem she'd written which I liked called 'Spring', wrote some additional lines for it and named it 'Spring Duet' . Her lines combined with my lines were magical. Later that night she emailed me and said she and Andy had broken up.

When I see something beautiful I see her>>>