Spring Duet
Staring out over the frozen landscape
In a cloudburst she reveals her form
Her hair, flying trails of fire around her
In a tempestuous red storm
Her skin, white as the crystalline snow
That blankets the earth's creation
Tingles in the sharp, biting cold
And quivers in anticipation
While her tiny feet, so dainty and small
Are performing an act of great treason
Melting the snow beneath where she stands
Leaving a signature of her season
The wind whips her emerald gown around her
She's a twisting, towering, Redwood Tree
Below she can see the frantic townspeople
Dashing about morning's melody
For they see her come, and are frightened
'She will lead our children away'
'She will lead them from their icy home
And too soon to a warm Summer Day'
She reads their thoughts and suddenly laughs
From the west to the east it crosses the plain
A sound, the tinkling of a thousand tiny bells
Looks in their minds and to each speaks his name
And they stop their frantic running
To glare at her saunter so misbegotten
She walks among them mindless of the flowers
That sprout up along the path she has trodden
Stark splashes of color against the snow
Waltz like lovers to an iridescent dance
She speaks, and her voice reminds the townspeople
Of a babbling brook and its bubbling trance
Or a gentle breeze whispering through the limbs
Of an ancient tree singing praise to the sky
A child runs to her with his arms out stretched
Her hand reaches out to brush hair from his eyes
A tear slides down her cheek as she smiles
Their futures they see in one another
But to let him grow she must set him free
Send him back to the awaiting arms of his mother
Then she's gone as suddenly as she appeared
To her home in the cloudburst that sent her
Leaving them only, with memory of a Spring day
In the middle of the Winter

January 1, 2000
Copyright �2000 Cathy Thompson/
Michael Paul