August 24, 2002

Mom shows the effects of her painkillers>>>I rushed home to Indiana more than five hours late, making the trip in record time and bagging my very first speeding ticket in West Virginia. Mom was in good spirits and on August 23rd she was operated on, the cancer was removed, and all went well. The entire family was there (all three of us) with her as well as Uncle Bushy's widow, Aunt Bettye. I phoned seko about 30 times while I was home but couldn't get through and left many messages. When I finally reached her she told me she'd left her cell phone in Charlottesville and the messages I'd put on it were lost. Well...I missed her a lot although I didn't show it. My mother told me I seemed very strange while in Indiana. I was still on the medication from the Yellow Jacket sting.

seko had spent time in Evansville in 1994 when she played for the Evansville Philharmonic and so the evening before my return to Virginia I went down town with my mother and wandered around the city for an hour shooting photos of the city.
But this is my immediate family. This is my brother Darrel's photo. I was learning my new digital camera and accidentally erased the one I shot (along with all of my Evansville photos). It came out very hazy, which is how I was feeling, so it is proper.

Have some drinks, bring home four beautiful blondes, and in the morning you wake up to this!>>>